Math for Grade 9

Price $35/Session
Duration 1 Session
Credit Week

GRADE 9 Algebra 1:

Course Description:
The students will receive instruction in and demonstrate the ability to perform  mathematical functions and problem-solving in key areas of Algebra,Geometry,Trigonometry,Patterns and relationships,Data analysis and probability,linear,exponential and quadratic functions.

Textbook: Math 9
Eureka Math, A Story of Functions: Algebra I, Module 1-5: A Synthesis of Modeling with Equations and Functions 1st Edition


  •  Student Textbook & homework book
  •  Problem of the Day
  •  CD / DVD support
  •  Practice and Enrichment Worksheets
  •  Manipulative materials
  •  Calculators
  •  Assessment Sourcebook

Time Allotment:  
45 minutes per day, 2 days per week

Course Content:

  • Numbers-rational numbers,square roots and cube roots.
  • Operations-add,subtract,multiply and divide rational numbers.
  • Ratios,rate and proportions-word problems to solveproportions and scale drawings.
  • Exponential functions-domain and range:graphs and equations.
  • Expressions and properties,variables and equations,linear functions.
  • Matrices-matrix vocabulary,add,subtractand multiply.
  • Trigonometry-sin,cos and tan.
  • Radical expressions-add,subtract,multiply and divide radical expressions.
  • Geometric measurement-perimeter,area,volume,word problemsin pythagorean theorem.
  • Probability-permutation and combination notations
  • Factoring –factor out monomials and polynomials.
  • Data and graphs-create bar and line graph,interpret stem and leaf plots
  • Direct and inverse variations.
  • Linear equations-slope-intercept form,point-slope form.
  • Single variable inequalities,absolute value equations and inequalities.


Areas to be evaluated:

  •  Class participation
  •  Homework assignments
  •  Tests:
  •  Quizzes
  •  Group projects
  •  Graphing project
  •  Review games and activities