Course Description

Grade 11 to 12 Math

Course Objective: In this course you will use the mathematical processes of problem solving, reasoning and proving, reflecting, connecting, representing, selecting tools and computational strategies and communicating to learn about.

Textbook: Math 11 to 12

  • enVision Math by Scott Foresman–Addison Wesley Copyright 2017


  • Student textbook
  • Practice and enrichment worksheets
  • Manipulative materials
  • Calculators

Time Allotment:

  • 45 minutes per day, 2 days per week

Course Content:

    • Quadratic Functions
      • Solving quadratic equations
      • Connecting graphs and equations of quadratic functions
      • Solving problems involving quadratic functions

      Trigonometric Functions
      • Applying the sine and cosine laws in acute triangles
      • Connecting graphs and equations of sine functions
      • Solving problems involving sine functions

      Exponential Functions
      Connecting graphs and equations of exponential functions
      • Solving problems involving exponential functions
      • Solving financial problems involving exponential functions
    • Areas to be evaluated:
      • Class participation
      • Homework assignments
      • Computation time tests
      • Tests
      • Quizzes

      Additional activities:

      • Math vocabulary journals
      • Math games