Our Vision is to become #1 Trusted and Respected Training provider in Schaumburg & Naperville.



We work hard to provide a better educational experience to our students.


  • Education is for everyone
  • Good education is a foundation for career builder
  • Education does not need to be expensive
  • Good Training accelerate learning

Expert education training believes in building a strong math foundation in early years of school is very important to be proficient with basic calculation skills in high school years. A strong foundation builds more quick thinking in programming and handling Robotics.

Kids develop advanced academic abilities, calculate quickly and accurately in their minds and become more confident. They perform well in their tests with less stress and demonstrate proper understanding of all the concepts.

Expert Education Training Institute helps to build strong, assertive, self-reliant kids in a very positive way, eventually resulting in a successful career professional.

IT Expert System and InfoTekGuide collectively support the Expert Education vision.  All institutes focus on providing a great education experience and transforming our students to the next level, where they can leverage their strong foundation for the career formation.


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