Course Description
SAT/ACT Math Prep

Course Objective: To prepare the student for either standardized test, SAT and ACT in Mathematics.

Course content:

• Test taking Methods and Strategies
• Algebra Involving Equations and Systems
• Statistics
• Algebra Involving Polynomials and Complex Numbers
• Geometry
• Trigonometry

Course policies:

Students are expected to:
• Be prepared for class by bringing textbook and supplies everyday as well as keep all
work (notes and homework) organized in a notebook.
• Be actively involved in class by working on the board and answering questions
pertaining to lesson of the day.
• Students are expected to do all work assigned on their own and read ahead to be
prepared for the class discussion.


• Homework will be given weekly. Work (including reading) should be done daily to stay caught up.
• Assignments will be kept up to date online. When assignments change, I will email that they have been updated.
• Must be in pencil, complete, (meaning the student must show all work), and kept in notebook or folder and workbook.
• Homework will be graded at the beginning of class and grades will be kept up to date on a weekly basis.
• Extra credit questions will be chosen after the homework is graded. (meaning: do all your work and you will earn extra credit).
• Late work will not be accepted (except due to an excused absence.)
• Quizzes and tests

Grading policies:

• A student’s quarter grade will be determined as follows:
• Chapter tests and Quizzes -60%
• Homework-40%
• Total = 100%

Materials Needed:

• Kaplan math workbook for the new SAT. Its information can be found here: Web Link
• And for the ACT Math and Science workbook third edition information can be found here: Web Link
• Notebook
• Pencils (for work) and red pen for grading.
• Graphing Calculator and a scientific calculator (Usage of each will depend on the lesson)
• Dry erase marker and erasers
• Ruler
• Graph paper