Expert Education Training (EET)  provides rewards program to uplift our students moral and interest.  Our rewards would motivate positive behaviors in students. Rewards  are generally something concrete such as extra privileges, special treats, or stickers.

  • Every child is special in our center. EET boost children to bring innovative ideas to the table, solving the problems and learning the new concepts.

Earn your rewards……………………..

You learn what is taught in class by the tutor.

The moment a child is enrolled into the EET group, they become a member of the children's club.

  • EET offers a discount of 10% in the second program enrolled by the child.
  • EET provides reward points to the kids, in each participation. Once the required points are collected, the children are rewarded with discount coupons.

Children's club at EET, will have a movie evening, cookie day, pizza day as per the event and requirements.